Austin is known as the world’s music capital. It is also a popular choice for a place to visit and live with because of its warm weather and friendly locals. Are you planning to relocate to this city anytime soon? 

Here are four things that you should know before packing your bags and heading to Austin, TX.

The Weather

Living in Austin means preparing for ‘hot’ weather. Summer in this city is not just ‘hot’, it can be ‘very, very, very hot’. The summer season can start at 70°F and can shoot up to 100°F. This means you should plan on investing in a good air-conditioning system.

This city has four seasons. Winter, summer, spring, and fall. However, don’t expect a NY winter season and you might not be able to use your snow boots during winter. Basically, Austin has a hot and humid temperature all year long.

The Price of Staying in Austin for Good

Austin is one of the most affordable cities to live in the US. According to studies, the city has reasonable mortgage rates, affordable utility rates, and inexpensive health care. 

Although housing in Austin costs a bit high at $1100 for a single-room apartment or $1700 for a dual-room apartment, food in Austin is cheap. 

You can get bread for $3 or a dozen eggs for $1.78. you can also watch a movie for $12 and have lunch or dinner for $15. It means a date can cost you a dollar and you and your partner can just have a great time. 

When it comes to utility costs, Austin recorded a low utility rate as compared to other cities.  A single person living at his own place, doing regular laundry, and taking daily baths can only get a $35 utility bill a month.

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Job Opportunity

The city of Austin is known for its tech companies. If you are in this area of expertise, you have a greater chance of landing a high-paying job in this city. Finding a job is also easier if you are a tech graduate. 

This also means that most people relocating to Austin are tech ‘nerds’ and are of the younger generation with too much money. A report from the Labor Bureau showed that IT personnel in Austin earns more than $1100 a week.

Transportation Options

Is it better to drive your own car or use public transportation in Austin? If you love parting and moving around Austin when not working, you might need to get your own car. However, you need to consider gas and insurance cause. A gas in Austin costs $1.95 a gallon in average ye diesel fuel costs higher at $2.11 per liter. 

If you are planning to move in the east, central, or south regions of Austin, you can move around by using their public transportation. They have rail transports, buses, and taxis. They have friendly transportation modes in the city, so commuting is a very acceptable option. 

Are you now ready to move to Austin?