Data in 2017 shows that Dallas is one of the best places to move in because of its growing economy. They placed second to Atlanta in terms of job opportunities. If you are looking for a chance to work in Dallas and are planning to move, here are four things that you should know. 

What’s the Cost to Live in Dallas? 

One thing is for sure, living in Dallas costs a lot. Don’t worry though, if you are from San Francisco or other CA states, it is cheaper. However, when compared to other states in the US, living in Dallas is more costly. 

It is really hard to quantify the price of living in Dallas but consider this if you want a tasty lunch in this city, be prepared to pay $14 or $8 for a fast food meal. A great apartment can cost you around $1500 a month but if you want to have a low-profile, a budget apartment can cost around $1300 (a not much difference huh)!

Get Familiar with Dallas

Dallas is one of the biggest cities in the US, next to LA, NY, and Chicago. Before moving in, find a place that will suit your living and financial preference. Some neighborhoods are affordable while some are really expensive to live with. 

For example, you might want to check the affluent neighborhood of Colleyville if money is not a problem or you can check out Grapevine if you are looking for a lower tax and cheaper education system.

Are you single? Checkout Uptown Dallas and enjoy the vibes of their restaurants, nightlife and bars, clubs, and cafes. 

Do You Hate Traffic, Think Again!

Dallas is a big and busy city. It means traffic is heavy all the time. If you are planning to stay in this city, you should consider commute time even if you are driving your own car. 

Your option? You can choose different modes of transportation such as using a motorcycle or a bike. They have dedicated bike trails in the city. Another option is the use of railway transportation. With 64 trains running around Dallas, you can get to your office easily. 

Are You Starting A Family in Dallas, They Have Great Schools Around!

Whether you have preschools or college kids, living in Dallas is a great choice for them as well. Dallas is known for its excellent public and private universities and fact, they have 18 popular colleges and universities that offer high-quality education. 

You Won’t Get Bored

Living in Dallas will keep you busy not only at work but also even off work. This city takes pride in its popular parks, museums, art districts, big shopping centers, and for its great concert venues. 


These are just four of the things that you should know prior to moving to Dallas. There are more factors that you can consider which are mostly positive such as low crime rate (as compared to its population), its increasing job market, and highly urbanized neighborhoods.