Are you planning to sell your home and wondering how to increase its value? Aside from giving it fresh paint inside, you can also do the same on your old fences or better yet, replace your fences. 

Would it help? Definitely! Fences can increase the value of your home especially if it is in good condition or freshly painted. 

Fences Provide Privacy, Security, and Value

With tall privacy fences, you are not just increasing the privacy and security of your home. You are also adding value to your home in general. 

Most people today own pets and prefer to get a house with tall fences. Instead of buying a home without a fence then build one in the future, it is more attractive for them to just purchase a house with a fence. 

This means if your home is enclosed with tall fences, you can increase your property’s price accordingly. 

A new luxury home installed fences for a private pool

How Much Increase Can You Expect? 

How much can you add to your property price if you have a fence installed? It will depend on the materials used and the design of your fence. Your realtor can make the necessary assessment for you. 

For better fence installation, hire professional fence installers. These professionals can install a fence that can match your home’s exterior design to make it more appealing to the eye. Due to the hill country in Travis County, iron fencing is often a great solution to add value and security without impacting Texas’ hills. If you’re looking for local iron fencing Austin, TX specialists, contact Austin Iron Fences.

If you don’t have a fence yet but you are planning to put your home in the market, you can ask your realtor first to refer a fence installer. You can spend a few hundred dollars for the installer and add a few thousand to your home’s value upon listing. 

Fixing A Bad Fence

If you have a bad fence, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars to install a new one for the purpose of increasing your property’s value. You can ask your realtor to look for a fence installer to repair it and repaint it. Fresh paints can give your renovated fence a fresh look, a sure way to ask for a high selling price once you put your property on the market. 

What Makes A Fence A Good Fence?

Fences serve a purpose – to provide security and privacy. You don’t need to install a 10-feet high fence though, just put up a fence that is tall enough to keep you and your family free to move around without being seen by everyone passing by. 

A fence is important for families with small kids and pets. Homeowners with cars also prefer to park their cars inside a gated home. With this being said, your fence won’t just increase the value of your property, it will make it easier to sell as well to other people. 


Installing a fence is not a small project. it needs a budget too and time as well. Personally, I would prefer to move to a home with a fence for a higher value that to purchase a cheaper property without a fence. I wouldn’t want to spend time and money to other people to install new fences for my new home.